Palm Tree Pruning Brisbane

Palm Tree Pruning

Why Prune Your Brisbane Palm Tree

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, while needing very little maintenance. However, it is essential that maintenance that is required is done quickly and efficiently as unpruned trees can prove to not only be unattractive but also a safety hazard.

As your palms produce new fronds, the old ones dry out and drop off. When this occurs it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to complete your palm’s pruning between once or twice per year.

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The Dangers of Not Trimming

Not only do dead fronds prove to be irritating and unattractive for homeowners, they also prove to be a safety hazard for passers-by. As a palm dries out it becomes more likely that they will fall off causing accidents or injuries upon doing so.

Dry fronds prove to be a fire hazard, especially with Brisbane’s year round warm weather. Dead fronds can prove to also be a harbour for unwanted pests.

Dangers Of Over Pruning your Palm Tree

By pruning your palms you’ll keep your trees looking neat, tidy and presentable. However, pruning too close or too high up you palm can result in damage, disease, trunk constriction or water uptake problems, all logical reasons to seek the services of a professional arborist.

If your palm fronds are green or even partially so, do not remove them from your palm tree. Removing green fronds will cause damage to your palm, weakening tree health and providing an opportunity for borers and pests to invade your palm. Palms that are over-pruned prove to look unattractive for many gardeners and may detract from the overall presentation of your garden.

Tall palms require an experienced professional with the appropriate equipment, such as
Ladders and lifts. We lop trees from the tree top through to the bottom of the tree. We have all of the necessary equipment to complete your tree pruning to the highest quality.

Pruning trees requires experience, skills and an able-bodied person to be able to complete the job to a high level while doing so in a safe and manageable manner.


Always take your safety into consideration when pruning palm trees. A professional pruner will be able to identify any issues and provide you with a solution so you can enjoy your palms the way you are meant to. Because your palms are an essential part of your landscape, the safety around the is crucial. Without treating your palms with the correct maintenance and care it is likely that something as small as strong winds can cause significant damage to your family and property.

For all your palm tree pruning needs, get in contact with our team today. All of our arborists are highly skilled professionals, so you can rest assured that we will get the job done, and get it done well.

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