Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The Cost Of Your Brisbane Removal Cost

Brisbane is made up of a stunning tropical landscape, with stunning coastlines and a laid back lifestyle. A large part of the city’s beachy vibe is due to the palm trees dotted all over. However, palms aren’t for everyone and some home and property owners may feel that their home is better suited without a palm for a variety of reasons: Perhaps your palm is dying or proving to be a danger to you and your family. Or maybe you feel your properties aesthetic would be better suited without your palm. In all of these situations and more, Brisbane Palm Tree Removal can help!

One of the first questions we receive with enquiries is how much will my palm tree removal cost? While we can give you a rough ballpark figure, we simply cannot give you a definite costing amount until we have completed an assessment on your property. Here at Palm Tree Removal Brisbane we offer a free quotation service for every client. This enables us to accurately assess your projects cost.

In order to help you better understand what goes into the costing we’ve listed the contributing factors that determine the cost of a palm tree removal below:

Site Access

How easy it is to get to the site, will greatly affect the cost of your project. It is important that our team can access the site of the palm in order to get equipment to the base of the tree as well as having adequate room surrounding for a safe drop zone.

Having a clear and easily accessible yard will only benefit you, with the removal taking less time and effort, resulting in a cheaper overall project!

Tree Size and Condition

A palm’s size will contribute to the cost of a palm tree removal. Larger, healthy palms often require more time, specialist machinery and more manual labour in order to remove the tree safely and securely.

The condition of the tree determines how easy it is to remove. Healthy trees tend to be stronger, which takes more time to remove than a tree that may be dying or is already dead and hollow. The other aspect that you will need to look into is whether your palm requires council approval to remove. If this is the case, you can rest assured that our team will go to every effort to assist you through the council approval process.

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