Palm Tree Sculpting Brisbane

Palm Tree Sculpting

Why Sculpt Your Palm Tree in Brisbane

Palm trees are a highlight of the Brisbane landscape, and provide areas within the city with a welcoming and tropical atmosphere. When it comes to the maintenance of your palms, keeping up with regular upkeep is essential to ensure that your property’s palms remain a highlight to your landscaping.

As monocots, palm trees don’t continue to grow outwards once they have reached their full circumference. However, your palms will continue to grow upwards with new frond production. Palm sculpting in addition to palm shaving is an excellent way to keep your palms remaining in the best condition possible, while also reducing safety hazards that may be caused by having overgrown palms.

Not many people have the required knowledge surrounding palm tree maintenance, and therefore cannot complete the job effectively. While palm sculpting is common, it is not a task that is recommended to undertake by yourself. Sculpting of trees requires specialised knowledge as the job itself is proven to be dangerous. This is where, us the professionals, come in. Every one of our arborists are professionally trained and fully equipt for the job, ensuring that your palms are safe and also attractive.

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Avoid Over Sculpting By Hiring a Professional

We can all appreciate how good a freshly sculpted palm is. However, it is important to remember not to over sculpt as this can cause the tree to weaken, slow growth or even cause the tree to die.

With new growth comes the death of old fronds. This is a natural growth pattern and should be allowed to proceed without interruption, presenting reason to employ the help and advice of a qualified professional.

We offer our service in all aspects of palm maintenance including trimming, pruning, shaving, sculpting and tree removal. As a trusted business in the Brisbane community we are the leading choice in providing tree services to local councils, schools and a number of home and business owners.

If you’re after a company with extensive knowledge in palms and palm sculpting
don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our highly skilled arborists are all trained specifically in palm care and health and safety and ready to service all your palm tree sculpting needs in Brisbane.

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