Palm Tree Shaving Brisbane

Palm Tree Shaving

Hire a Professional Palm Tree Shaving Service in Brisbane

As with all gardens, your palm trees require regular maintenance in order to keep them looking their best, while ensuring your property remains safe and enjoyable.

While a palm provides your property with a look like no other, maintenance is often not as easy as it sounds. The significant weight and sharp edges of palm fronds, mean that you are exposing yourself to potential hazards that pose the risk of serious injury.

A great way to maintain your palm is by getting it shaved. Removing dead fronds and leaves is integral to maintaining your tree sufficiently. Shaving provides your palm with a smooth trunk surface, which in turn will enhance your palms appearance.

As the majority of palm tree work involves working at a height, it is a wise idea to call the professionals for palm tree trimming and shaving.

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Highly Experienced Team

Our business has a team of highly skilled professional arborists who have extensive experience in the shaving of palms. Each member of our arborist team has comprehensive knowledge in palm tree growth, and ensures that every job that is completed is done so to the highest precision.

Understanding the importance of not over pruning your palm is integral to healthy palm tree growth. Over pruning can cause your palm to grow slower or even worse, cause the tree to die. We promote the natural growth pattern of your palm to proceed in order to avoid any suffering to your tree. This is why you should leave it to the experts.

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane also offer services in tree removal, sculpting and pruning. We are a highly respected business and the leading choice in Brisbane for palm tree shaving. If you’re after the highest quality job, get in contact with us today!

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