Palm Tree Removal Brisbane

Palm trees offer you home’s landscaping a tropical look while providing you and your family with practical aspects such as providing shade from the hot Brisbane sun. But with their beauty comes a maintenance responsibility. As they grow, the majority palm trees shed their fronds and seed pods naturally, these are referred to as self-cleaning.

However, not all palms are self-cleaning. This can prove only to be unpleasant to look at, but also present damage to pool filters and ripe seeds may attract fruit bats. Not to mention the risk of germinating and causing a further mess in your garden. This is why it is such a necessity to hire a professional to conduct a palm tree clean at some point in your palm’s lifespan.

Palm tree removal is a dangerous and complicated process that should only be undertaken by a highly skilled professional. We are made up of highly experienced staff that will safely remove your palms. Attempting to do so yourself is extremely dangerous, and you expose yourself to risks such as power and gas lines which can result in serious injuries.

By identifying the proper trees for removal, we can help pave the way for a worry-free outdoor experience. We do much more than merely remove palms and simply trim trees. Our team combines their love of outdoors and brings it to your doorstep. We promise to walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Below is a full list of our services:

  • Palm Tree Removal – Our business has extensive experience in the removal of palm trees safely and effectively
  • Palm Tree Sculpting – This is done to ensure that your palms are continuously looking their best, while also guaranteeing that your palm remains healthy throughout your palms lifetime.
  • Palm Tree Shaving – Palm tree shaving looks at the aesthetics of your tree, but it’s also about maintaining palm health resulting in minimal future maintenance.
  • Palm Tree Pruning – Pruning of a palm tree is a task that requires extensive experience, in order to ensure maximum safety and tree health.

We are a fully licensed and insured company, protecting you from any liability if any unforeseen incidents occur. Taking our customer service one step further we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our confidence in our service means that if you`re not at all satisfied with our services, we will come back and rectify the problem at no extra cost to you.

If you are looking for a professional with the necessary expertise to take care of all types of Palm Trees and ensure you and your family’s safety you’ve come to the right place. We have all the necessary expertise to care for all types of palms to keep you safe. We provide services to Brisbane and all surrounding areas. Give us a call today for additional details and a free quote.

Our Palm Tree Services

Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree removal is our specialty and requires experience in the safe removal of all materials. We have extensive experience nationally.

Palm Tree Sculpting

Palm Tree Sculpting is ensuring your palm tree is looking its best and remains healthy throughout its life. Talk to us about the options available.

Palm Tree Shaving

Shaving a Palm tree not only looks at the aesthetics of your tree, its also about maintaining great tree health for minimal future maintenance.

Palm Tree Pruning

Pruning a Palm tree requires experience in ensuring the maximum safety and health of your tree. We have decades of experience with local and council trees.

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